ReadySetGro Health Audio Series

Health benefits abound when you choose consciously to find your fun exercise.  Health is not just the absence of disease.  Health unifies your body, your mind and your spirit. Anyone can achieve improved health.  Define your journey and choose the actions that resonate with you.  Included is a wonderful interview with health coaches, Craig and Jenny Dumnich, founders of the Thrive Tribe.  Ready to be thriving?

ReadySetGro Wealth Audio Series

Wealth addresses your individual definition of wealth and encourages you to focus on where you want to increase abundance in your life.  The Ready, Set, Gro formula is introduced to assist you to act more and fear less.   Hear Kara Leong’s successful journey as she created her very profitable business; learn additional strategies and tactics; and hear interviews with many active entrepreneurs.  Ready to create more abundance?

ReadySetGro Complete (6 Modules) Audio Series

This whole set includes 6 audios (approx. 5 hrs.) exploring the topics in Ready Set, Gro:  Wealth, Health, Environment, Lifestyle, Relationship, and Spirituality.  Learn the simple formula to create the life you desire:  Imagine, Explore, Choose and Act.  Also, included are 8 interviews of successful entrepreneurs sharing their insights. Hear Joey Falcone,  Jim Francis, Jeff Klubeck, Meg Fritton, Colby Amerine, Fran Meyer, Karin Lubin, and Elisha Morgan.  These are current entrepreneurs who are continuing to grow their dreams through influencing thousands of clients.