Kara Leong

Entrepreneur and Sales Coach

Meet Kara Leong, a mother and business owner. A successful entrepreneur who started a business from zero and grew it in three years to $1.5 Million, Kara continues to work on new projects that fulfill her, outside of her family time, including coaching. The best part of her first business creation was that she was able to remove herself more and more from the day to day operations as revenue grew, allowing her with the help of coaches and other advisers to work on her business not in it. 

As Kara says, “I had help to get there and I want you to do the same. If you’re here, it’s not an accident. I can help you help more of your clients, without taking more out of you. Be in the moment, every moment, and Imagine, get clear on what it is that you want, see it clearly in your mind. Explore, go out and venture, make mistakes and learn from them. This will lead you to your knowing or realization of what you value. Connect with your passion and your purpose. When you’re exploring options, you ultimately need to make a choice, so Choose a path. There is no wrong choice. Take Action. Act more, fear less. In other words, Ready…Set…Gro.”

Patty Blakesley

Professional Personal and Business Leadership Coach

Meet Patty Blakesley, a mother and business owner, who is also a practicing karate teacher and student, having achieved the rank of Yondan, 4th degree black belt, in the World Shorin-Ryu Karate Federation. An experienced real estate professional as a certified municipal tax assessor, a former real estate agent and a property manager, Patty decided to contribute her skills and experiences to coaching individuals, studying and learning with some of the world’s most successful coaches. A certified Passion Test facilitator for individuals and businesses, she is committed to helping everyone find their purpose and their passion, to discover fulfilling ways to increase their success. As Patty says, “During this pandemic, many of us feel uncertain and fearful, wondering what steps to take. I would like you to imagine what you want, explore the paths available to you, and choose what resonates with you, what feels right. Act based on that choice and know that clear intentions to succeed will remove doubt. Act more, fear less. Ready…Set…Gro with the support and encouragement you need from our strategic products and community.”