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Here's the basics of our formula


Imagine the changes you want in your life, dream big and know you can achieve what you deserve, what your desire.


Explore what others have done to succeed, what others just like you have found worked for them, will give you belief and confidence.


Choose! This is the best part. When you have found the path you want to follow because it resonates with you, you are ready to act without hesitation, without anxiety and with a clear plan to follow.


Act! You’re ready with your vision, You’ve explored your options and chosen the one that resonates with you. Now is the time to act! Go forward….

Strategic Results Await


Is improved Wealth your goal? Learn about several different approaches, avenues and opportunities to find, create and improve your finances. Abundance is a not beyond reach, it is available for you.


Do you want better Health? Your health is your wealth is often repeated because it is true. Hear Craig and Jenny Dumnich, powerful coaches, have to say about health and success.


Who wants better relationships, invigorating environments, increased spiritual connection and an authentic lifestyle. Ready…Set…Gro has strategies, tips and tools for your best life yet.

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Imagine what you want to create

Some of us grew up with limitations imposed by our family and ourselves. Now is the the time to imagine what you want without those limitations. Dream big!


Opportunities and Examples Exist Everywhere

Once you realize how much is available to discover and create, you will find places to explore and people to help you with exploring.


What resonates with you? Does a certain type of job beckon? Do you want to change your environment for a healthier one? Finding what you want to choose is easy when you trust your exploration, when you trust your ability to succeed.

Making a choice is an outgrow of education, information and knowledge. Once you have learned what is available, gotten the pertinent information you need, like a blueprint or a roadmap, you have what you need to ACT. Choosing an action feels natural, feels right. The worse that could happen is that you can learn what not to choose next time.


Results come from actions. Choosing not to act creates unintended results. Look at your life right now. When you consciously choose to act, you are in control of the results because they are based on your chosen actions.

The right action comes when you feel confident in your choice. Maybe you have found a mentor in your exploration, or a pattern to trust. Once you do feel you've made the right choice, acting becomes second nature. Your motivation comes from within because you trust your choice and your trust your action plan.

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